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DRAFT Minutes of the most recent Parish Council Meeting - not yet ratified

Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 20th March 2017


Present:         The Chairman –Mr Ian Watson

            Councillors – Miss Alison Evans, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr David Reeves, Mr Paul             Tyack, Mrs Nuala Wilson.

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – Cllr Tony Goldson

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

Youth Workers – Eric Sewell & Stephen Moore

6 members of public at start of meeting


The Chairman welcomed all and explained the open forum process.

The Youth Worker, Mr Eric Sewell, gave an update.  The Youth Club meets every Friday and is very busy with between 20-40 young people, aged between 8 & 18 years, attending.  Young people attend from a wide area.  He confirmed all agreed policies and procedures are being followed. Dr Drane remains the appointed person should any young person wish to make a complaint.  He also confirmed that all DBS checks are up to date.  The Chairman spoke re funding – currently approx. £2000 per annum is required to cover expenses.  Eric said it is very unusual for a Parish Council to run a youth club, they are usually run by a completely separate body.  He has spoken with other youth workers who would be happy to take on running the club, along with help from residents.  A committee would be formed and would include some of the youngsters themselves. The Chairman said this sounds like a good plan and asked if necessary resources are in place – Eric confirmed they are and he is confident he can get funding for it as a new project.  The Chairman asked how Parish Council can help – Eric said letters of support would be appreciated.  The Chairman thanked Eric & Stephen for attending and said a vote would be taken by Councillors regarding handing over the Youth Club.  Mr Reeves extended a vote of thanks to Eric & Stephen for all their hard work at the Youth Club.  

Mr Eric Sewell passed papers to Mr Tyack re WREN Funding which may be of interest if a Skatepark is progressed.

Ms Fran Dalcorn spoke re parking around The Chestnuts and Chapel Road.  3-4 vehicles are parking opposite the old school and at least 3 on the left hand side of the Chestnuts – this is making it very difficult when using the junction.  The Chairman said parking is a known issue in Wrentham and asked that The Clerk contact the local Police team to give attention.

Ms Hannah Morris spoke re speeding – shocking and frightening driving is experienced when walking her dog, she estimates approx. 70-80mph at times.  The Chairman said we know speeding continues to be an issue, the PC invested in Vehicle Activated Signs, Community Speedwatch continues, Police Speed Van visits on a weekly basis.  Mr Tyack said individuals can register their concerns with Suffolk County Council and ask for more enforcement.

Mr Peter Gidney asked for an update on playpark and skatepark – The Chairman said this would be given in the main meeting.

Mrs Sheila Worts asked for a defibrillator update - The Chairman said this would be given in the main meeting.

Open Forum closed.


 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mrs Hutson & Mr Middleditch – item 7.1


Apologies were received and accepted from Mr Mark Buxton, Mr Dale Goldsmith, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mr Keith Perry


The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 20th February  2017, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Hutson & seconded by Mr Fletcher - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.  


  4.1  Community Defibrillator Update – The Clerk has been advised by Community Heartbeat Trust that this will be delivered to Boggis Electrical the second week of April.  The Clerk will add to insurance once installed.  

  4.2  Play Facilities – Survey is now live & going well, 56 responses to date.  It was agreed to close the survey on 7.4.17 to allow Mr Tyack time to collate responses for the April meeting.  Meeting suspended.  A member of public asked about the Skatepark – Mr Tyack said this was included on survey to see if there was an appetite for one in the village.  The member of public asked where it would be located – Mr Tyack said this is not known but some suggestions have been made via the survey.  Meeting resumed.

  4.3  Trees in The Larches/Flower Bed outside the Chinese takeaway/Pavements/Footpaths/Flooding on A12 -  

 The Trees in The Larches have been trimmed but it is felt not enough has been taken off them – they are still far too high and shade houses.  There are also low hanging branches which cause problems for residents.  The Clerk will make contact with Waveney Norse to ask that they are trimmed more.

 An email was received from Mrs Jackie Wynn re signs which have appeared near footpaths – Mrs Hutson explained that every 10 years landowners have to make a statutory declaration stating where footpaths are – nothing has changed.  The signs are just confirming the location of the declared footpaths.

 Flooding on A12 – Mrs Wilson said that the last minutes stated the drain in The Lane has been cleared but she does not believe this is the case.  The Chairman has also received an email from Mr Tony Robinson regarding this and asking what ‘urgent’ means in terms of being on the list for works.  The Chairman said he was under the impression the drain had been cleared – he is not sure whose responsibility this would be as The Lane is an unadopted road.  The Clerk will clarify with Mark Kerridge, Highways Manager.

  4.4 Youth Club Funding -  The Chairman spoke re the update from Eric Sewell during the open forum.  The Chairman suggested a new, independent youth club be set up and responsibility for the provision of a youth club be handed over in 3 months time (June 2017).  Mr Fletcher proposed handover and that we continue to fund the  hire of the village hall for the Youth Club, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.  The Clerk will make the Youth Workers aware and ask them to submit their expenses claims.

  4.5  S106/CIL Monies –  The Clerk confirmed a replacement bin has been ordered for the northern end of the A12 – this will come from S106 monies as previously agreed.

  4.6  Village Litter Pick – Everyone welcome! This will take place on Saturday 25th March – 9.30-12.30 – The Clerk will collect equipment from Waveney Norse.

  4.7  Fence at 17 Bonsey Gardens – Email received from Mrs Jackie Wynn.  Cllr Rivett said it’s the tenants responsibility to maintain the fence so really good news that WDC are replacing it.  He will speak with Mrs Wynn.

  4.8  Any other Matters Arising –

    4.8.1  The Clerk has received a quote of £900-1000 from Waveney Norse for a bench in Oakhill Close – also a further £300 for the concrete base - as this seems very high she has asked if we could purchase our own bench, WDC have confirmed we can as long as we also undertake to maintain it. The Clerk has asked Mr Newstead for a quote.  Mr Fletcher will also obtain a quote for a concrete base from Mr Sean Harber.  To be discussed further once Mrs Wynn is back from holiday.


There remains one Casual vacancy – Please continue to suggest becoming a Councillor to any interested residents.

An email has been received from Mr Kevin Cross thanking the PC for adopting a co-option policy.  He has also suggested that Wrentham should have less Parish Councillors.   After discussion, Mrs Wilson proposed that the number of Councillors should stay at 13, seconded by Mrs Hutson, all in favour.  


  6.1 VAS Monthly Data – Mr Buxton has circulated data.  He has also shared this with Neil Ellis at Spexhall to forward to the Safety Camera Enforcement Team.  Data continues to be concerning.  Cllr Goldson spoke re the gated entry scheme – this creates the illusion of the road narrowing and reminds drivers they are entering a built up area.  The Clerk said we were previously advised the cost of these is prohibitive as they need to be lit on the A12.  Cllr Goldson said they can use solar power.  The Chairman asked how we can move forward with obtaining these for the A12 as you enter the village from the South – Cllr Goldson asked the Clerk to email Mark Kerridge to obtain prices.  


  7.1  DC/17/0858/FUL – Revision of approved planning application DC/15/4618/FUL – Grain Store Building and Agricultural General Purpose Store Building, Field North of Wren Business Park – Mrs Hutson explained objective of amended plan.  Plans circulated and discussed.  The Chairman proposed consent be recommended – seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour (Mrs Hutson & Mr Middleditch abstained).  The Clerk to advice WDC.

  7.2  Any further Planning Applications Received –

    7.2.1 DC/17/0404/LBC – Notice of Permission Granted,  


   8.1  Balance at Bank – £18,434.07

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Youth Club funds & Lions donation) - £1214.80

Current Account - £11,628.45

Business Saver  Account (CIL) - £5590.82

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.

   8.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55  

   8.3  Clerks salary & expenses - £32.76  

   8.4  HMRC payment – £11.60  

   8.5  Invoice from CAS for Village Hall lnsurance - £1326.02

   8.6  Invoice from Communicorps for Clerks & Council Magazine - £36.00

   8.7  Invoice from Village Hall for Hall Hire - £39.00

   8.8  Invoice from Village Hall for Hall Hire for Youth Club - £525.00

   8.9  Any other accounts received –

     8.9.1  Clerk’s Expenses for Printer Ink - £15.00

     8.9.2  Invoice from Mr D Reeves for bedding plants for Jubilee Planters - £59.96

     8.9.3  Invoice from The Benacre Company for hire of allotments - £50.00

Above payments 8.2 to 8.9.3 proposed by Mrs Hutson & seconded by Miss Evans.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Chairman & Mr Reeves.

The Clerk confirmed she will meet with The Chairman and go through the books before taking them to the Internal Auditor, Mr Wills.

Mr Reeves proposed that the Village Hall accounts  be audited by Mrs Rosie Carter, seconded by The Chairman, all in favour.


  9.1  Email from Mr Cross re Neighbourhood Planning -  Mr Reeves said this has been discussed previously and it was agreed that the work and expense involved in a Neighbourhood Plan was not justified in Wrentham.  The Chairman said Neighbourhood Plans work well in communities with several  potential development sites but it is not necessarily suited to Wrentham.  The Chairman proposed to take no further action re a Neighbourhood Plan, seconded by Miss Evans, all in favour.

  9.2  Email from Mr Cross re Play Area Consultation – this has been passed to Mr Tyack who will include the comments in the responses.

  9.3  Email from Mr Cross re Consultations – this was discussed. All consultations are shared and discussed, where Councillors feel it appropriate a response is submitted.

  9.4  Any other correspondence received –

    9.4.1  Letter from Pensions Regulator re Workplace Pension – The Clerk will go online and ensure all actions are complete by staging date.  Mrs Hutson offered assistance if needed.

    9.4.2  Email from Mr Goldsmith re Allotments – A tree has fallen at the allotments – The Clerk will pass the email to Mrs Hutson who will have it investigated.


   10.1  Mr Middleditch spoke re a spate of burglaries in outbuildings at West End.  The Clerk will check the Police website and share any security advice.

   10.2  The Clerk confirmed that arrangements are in hand for collection of this year’s allotment rents.  She also confirmed that the vacant plot has now been let.

Next month’s PC Meeting will commence at 7pm and be followed by the Annual Parish Meeting.  The Clerk will write to organisations requesting reports and inviting them to attend.


Monday 24th April – 7pm – followed by the Annual Parish Meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.24pm