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Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 19th February 2018

Present:           The Vice Chairman – Mrs Lucinda Hutson

Councillors – Mr Mark Buxton, Mr Kevin Cross, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mr Keith Perry,

Mrs Nuala Wilson,

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – Cllr Tony Goldson

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

2 members of public present at start of meeting


The Vice Chairman welcomed all and invited members of public to speak.

Mr Robinson spoke about a consultation on schools which could mean children from the village will attend different schools.  High School could be Pakefield and Kessingland for Primary education.  Mr Buxton said he thought this only applied to those who did not express a preference but will look into the matter.

Mr Robinson spoke about flooding – he has been in communication with SCC, he received details of proposals last week, including a map confirming water flow.  He will send a copy to The Clerk to be shared.  There is a collapsed drain 1.2m away from the river, action will be taken to fix this, if this doesn’t resolve the issues then work will be done to put in new, larger, pipes – this will require closure of the A12 to allow work to be done.  Work will first be done to establish where services are.  TR has emailed asking that the work to repair the collapsed drain is done as a matter of urgency & will forward a copy to The Clerk.  The Clerk will send a letter in support of this & copy in Cllr Goldson who will also chase.

Mr Robinson spoke about 26 High Street – he notes that having been empty for many years the property will now go to auction.  He finds it strange that in a conservation area this eyesore is allowed to remain.  The planning permission includes a footpath in front of the property yet it is in a shocking state at present – he would like to see work done asap.  The Vice Chairman said that the abandoned car remains outside the property – she will pursue this.

Mrs Wynn also spoke re 26 High St – she feels it is a blot on the landscape & that the façade needs urgent work.  The Vice Chairman confirmed that the building is regularly inspected for safety.  Work will not be undertaken before the property is sold.  Delays have been due to unexpected environmental issues.

Mrs Wynn spoke re sewerage works on Southwold Road being the only one in the village – she is concerned that increased housing will add to issues, She wrote to Cllr Goldson about this, he referred her to Drainage who have now referred her to the Water Company.  She feels the Parish Council should know more about the drainage system in the village.

The open forum closed.


Apologies were received and accepted from Miss Alison Evans, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr David Reeves & The Chairman, Mr Ian Watson.  We have 2 vacancies – please encourage anyone who may be interested in joining to contact The Clerk.


 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mrs Hutson items 4.4 & 9


The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 15th January 2018, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Grantham & seconded by Mr Perry - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Vice Chairman.  


  4.1  Meadowlands – Cllr Rivett gave an update – WDC are seeking a local letting agreement with Badger Building – residents seeking housing will need to register on Gateway for Home Choice.  An event will be held 6 weeks prior to homes being advertised.  Cllr Rivett will ensure this is publicised once more details known.

  4.2  S106/CIL Monies – Bench in Oakhill Close – Mr Cross had a site meeting with WDC –  Mr Cross & The Clerk will continue to chase them for permission to proceed.

  4.3  Village Flowerbeds – A quotation has been received from Ben Rous of £120 to cut the bed in front of the Chinese Takeaway right back.  Mr Cross said he does not feel the PC should be spending money on WDC land.  Mr Perry would prefer to see it dug up and cobbled.  The Clerk will flag again on Highways map and ensure on next agenda.  

  4.4  26 High Street – Benacre Estate are looking to sell the site by auction – details are being finalised but it is hoped this will take place in May.  No further update to that in the Open Forum.

  4.5 Parish Council Page on Village Website – The Clerk spoke with Mrs Walker and previous minutes are now available on the page.  Mr Cross spoke re Suffolk Cloud – he feels that preferably the PC should continue to support the Village website but also have a site of its own.  He feels this would provide more resilience long term.  He urged all to look at Suffolk Cloud website and the websites of Oulton Broad & Knodishall to see good examples.  Suffolk Cloud are offering funding at present, it would cost £100 initially and £100pa.  The Clerk will add to next agenda.

  4.6  WW1 Centenary – The Vice Chairman has done some research and the recommended way of marking this is by lighting a beacon on the evening of 11.11.18 – ceremonies can be registered.  Other options are to dedicate a bench or planter or to simply support the events already in place at St Nicholas Church.  To remain on Agenda.

  4.7  FOI Request – Ms Clements – The Clerk shared her response declining this request with all.

  4.8 Any other Matters Arising –

Some time ago residents asked about a bus shelter at the end of Bonsey Gardens where the school buses stop.  Cllr Goldson advised this can cost in the region of £16,000 & requires permission from SCC.  Outcome of school transport consultation may impact on this.  The Clerk will flag on the highways map.   


  5.1 VAS Monthly Data – Data has been shared by Mr Buxton – data remains consistent.  Cllr Goldson suggested that data be held pending the ANPR trial at Spexhall. Mr Buxton reported that 20 days data was again lost due to battery failure.  He suspects there may be an issue with the unit rather than the battery itself and is running checks to find out more. He will make contact with Westcotec if necessary.  

  5.2  Additional VAS Poles – Mr Buxton has documentation to apply for further poles, in particular further south on Southwold Road.

  5.3  Email from Mr Pearson re speeding commercial vehicles – no action at present due to data protection concerns.  Cllr Goldson warned the council could be liable to prosecution if data which has been gathered by individuals is used.  Mr Buxton will seek further legal advice.


   6.1  DC/18/0591/FUL – Construction of a two storey rear extension – The Haven, 41 Mill Lane – plans were displayed and discussed – recommendation that permission be granted proposed by Mrs Wilson, seconded by Mr Buxton – all in favour.  The Clerk will update WDC.

   6.2 DC/18/0553/FUL - Construction of a two storey side extension & single

storey rear extension – 13 Walker Gardens– plans were displayed and

discussed – recommendation that permission be granted proposed by Mrs

Wilson, seconded by Mrs Hutson – all in favour.  The Clerk will update WDC.

   6.3  DC/18/0502/FUL - Construction of a single and two storey rear extension &

replacement garage, pitched roof & front porch – 19 Mill Lane – plans were

displayed and discussed – recommendation that permission be granted,

noting concerns re privacy of neighbours due to the floor to ceiling windows

proposed by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mrs Grantham – all in favour.  The

Clerk will update WDC.

  6.4  DC/17/4543/FUL – Notification received of permission granted.

  6.5  DC/17/5038/FUL & DC/17/5039/LBC – Notification received of permission granted.

  6.6 DC/17/4542/FUL – Notification received of refusal.

  6.7 Any further Planning Applications Received – DC/18/0663/TCA - plans were displayed and discussed with no objections


  7.1  Balances at Bank – £19,269.20

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Lions donation) - £1000.18

Current Account - £14,489.15

Business Saver Account (CIL) - £3779.87

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.

  7.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55

  7.3  Clerks salary.  Clerks expenses of £21.44  

  7.4  HMRC payment – £55.20

  7.5  Account received from Mr Pointer for noticeboard repair – £160 - Mr Pointer has been in touch with the Clerk asking that we await a further invoice with VAT details.

  7.6  Account from Ebuyer for Clerks Laptop - £462.97

  7.7  Account for Microsoft Office 365 - £135.36

  7.8 Account from Mrs Walker for website hosting - £42.71

Above payments 7.2 to 7.8 (excluding 7.5) proposed by Mr Fletcher & seconded by Mr Buxton.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by Mrs Hutson, having previously been countersigned by The Chairman.

  7.9  Internal Auditor – The Clerk advised that Mr Wills is happy to undertake the internal audit again – proposed by Mr Buxton, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.  The Clerk will progress.

  7.10 The Clerk confirmed that £5958.57 is currently held in S106 monies.

  7.11  Any other accounts received – None.


    8.1  Email from BT re phone box at Wrentham West End – BT are asking if the PC are interested in adopting this box before it is removed – after discussion it was agreed there is no appetite for this.  The Clerk will advise.

   5.2  Email from Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch seeking funding – after discussion it was agreed not to donate.

   8.3  Email from Suffolk Accident Rescue seeking donations – Mr Cross proposed a donation of £50 – seconded by Mr Buxton – all in favour.  As there is £50 remaining in the donations budget Mr Perry proposed this be donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance – seconded by Mrs Grantham – all in favour.  The Clerk will raise cheques next month.  

   8.4  Email from WDC re Local Plan Consultation Event 28.02.18 – Mr Cross happy to attend.

   8.5  Email from Suffolk Highways re Community Self Help Consultation – After discussion it was agreed there is no appetite for this at present.

   8.6  Any other correspondence received –

    8.6.1  Email re Grit Bin at end of Oakhill Close – discussed – Mrs Hutson proposed that the PC pay for the bin at a cost of £225.80 and reclaim from Cllr Goldson less VAT – seconded by Mr Buxton – all in favour – The Clerk will progress.

    8.6.2  Email from Lowestoft Town Council offering Councillor

Training – The Clerk reminded all re this.

    8.6.3  The Clerk advised all of the arrival of the new engine at the Fire Station – also that firefighters are completing a charity cycle ride in June from Wales to Lowestoft in support of The Firefighters Charity & Mind.  Details at


The Clerk advised that rents are due at the end of March – it was proposed that these remain unchanged by Mr Fletcher – seconded by Mr Buxton – all in favour – The Clerk will send letters to allotment holders.


   10.1  Mrs Wilson spoke re offer of help from residents in maintaining Jubilee Planters – she feels this should be welcomed.  The Clerk will add to next Agenda.


Monday 19th March 2018 – 7.30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.22pm


DRAFT Minutes of the most recent Parish Council Meeting - not yet ratified