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Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 18th June 2018

Present:          The Vice Chairman – Mrs Lucinda Hutson

Councillors – Mr Kevin Cross, Miss Alison Evans, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr David Reeves

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – Not present

Waveney District Council – Apologies received from Cllr Craig Rivett

3 members of public


The Vice Chairman welcomed members of public and invited them to speak.

Mrs Wynn spoke re the street sign at the end of Bonsey Gardens, Waveney Norse have now taken this sign away, Cllr Rivett has been made aware and will chase on his return from holiday.

Mrs Wynn spoke re the defibrillator sign in the High St bus shelter – it is unclear – the Clerk will visit and replace if necessary.

Mrs Wynn spoke re the temporary barrier in Chapel Road – Cllr Rivett has asked her to test the complaint system.

Mrs Wynn spoke about the footpath along Chapel Road from Bonsey Gardens – it is more overgrown than ever – The Clerk confirmed it was placed on the list for ‘skirting’ some time ago – The Clerk will chase & copy Cllr Goldson and Rivett in.

Mr Robinson spoke re flooding – work started today to repair the broken drain – he is concerned that contractors (Kier) seem to be ill equipped to tackle the issue and nothing appears to have happened on day one.

Mr Robinson spoke re grass cutting – the laybys near the football pitch have been very poorly cut with no strimming around the posts/planters.  The Clerk will contact Waveney Norse.

Mr Robinson spoke about the bottle banks at the Village Hall – Cllr Rivett was looking into getting signs to ask that no rubbish be left in this area but nothing has happened as yet and the problem continues.  The Clerk will create some signs.

Mr Robinson spoke re The Factory Shop – he thanked the PC for the improvement in the management of rubbish at the rear of the property – however there are banners displayed on the front railings again.  The Clerk will raise with Planning Dept.

Mr Robinson spoke re 26 High St – this has now been sold – will it continue to remain an eyesore?  Mrs Hutson said it was sold to Mr Nick Harvey, with planning permission.  The Clerk will try to make contact with Mr Harvey to introduce herself and ask if he can share plans for the building with the PC.  


Apologies were received and accepted from Mr Mark Buxton, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr Keith Perry, Mr Ian Watson & Mrs Nuala Wilson.


All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.


The Clerk apologised for having forgotten the forms at the AGM – Mrs Hutson signed and The Clerk countersigned.  The Clerk will ensure a form is also signed by Mr Watson, The Chairman.


Ms Grazia spoke about the work of the Preservation Society and the assistance they can offer Parish Councils in planning matters.  The Society currently has over 100 Parish Councils as members and offer training and support.  The cost to join is £30 per annum.  The Clerk will add to the next Agenda for consideration.  The Vice Chairman thanked Ms Grazia for her interesting presentation.  Ms Grazia left the meeting.


Mr Sanyari was given the opportunity to speak before being asked to leave the room while Councillors discussed his application.  Mr Reeves asked if Mr Sanyari’s current graduate scheme with District Councils would create a conflict of interests – The Clerk will contact the District Monitoring Officer to check.  Subject to this not being an issue, Mrs Hutson proposed that Mr Sanyari be co-opted, seconded by Miss Evans, all in favour.  Mr Sanyari was invited to rejoin the meeting and updated as to the situation.


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 21st May 2018, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mr Fletcher & seconded by Mr Cross - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Vice Chairman.  


  7.1  S106/CIL Monies –  Bench in Oakhill Close – the draft agreement has been received – The Clerk will confirm our level of Public Liability Insurance & Mr Cross will establish likely legal costs involved.

  7.2  Village Flowerbeds & Jubilee Planters – The Clerk has received a response from Robert Slarke, Arboricultural Manager for Waveney Norse, re trees in The Larches – he advises that the trees have been inspected and no work is required.  Miss Evans said the low hanging branches are certainly a problem – The Clerk will advise Mr Slarke of this.

  7.3  Parish Council Website/Suffolk Cloud –  Mr Cross referred to the Oulton Broad website as a good example.  Mr Cross feels 4 years worth of data needs to be held on website to allow proper democracy.  The Clerk will approach Mrs Walker and explain that the PC are considering their own website to run alongside the Village one.

  7.4  Flooding Issues – Discussed during open forum.

  7.5  Village Sign –  Mr Cross & Mrs Grantham have done some research – need to clarify the brief – The Clerk will email all Councillors for ideas and bring to next meeting.

  7.6  Safeguarding Policy – The Clerk will clarify what is held by the VHMC and if this is adequate for the PC.

  7.7  Update from Cllr Rivett re Merger of East Suffolk & Waveney District Councils – carried to next meeting.

  7.8  Meadowlands Housing Event – to be held on 22nd June 2018 at the Village Hall from 2.30-6.30pm – anyone interested in social housing will be assisted in applying.

  7.9  Any other Matters Arising –

    7.9.1  Mr Cross spoke about the training course he attended re Village Halls and gave a handout to all.

   7.9.2  Mr Cross reported the bench at Dyer Terrace was in very poor condition and had rotted – after consulting The Clerk & Chairman, Mr Cross removed the bench as it was  safety hazard.  The Clerk will update the asset register.


  8.1  VAS Monthly Data – Mr Buxton will circulate data.


  9.1  Any further Planning Applications Received – none.


  10.1 Balances at Bank – £36,244.95

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Lions donation) - £1000.18

Current Account - £31,462.50

Business Saver Account (CIL) - £3781.77

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.   

   10.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55

   10.3  Clerks salary & Clerks expenses of £19.84

  10.4  HMRC payment – Nil  

  10.5  Invoice from Westcotec for VAS repair - £66.00

  10.6  Invoice from Mrs Wynn for Jubilee planters - £63.12 – this includes fertiliser etc which can be shared with other planters.

  10.7  Invoice from Mr Buckingham for Jubilee planters - £22.90

  10.8  Invoice from SALC – Training – Mr Cross - £31.20

  10.9  Village Hall Insurance – (this has been paid by VHMC) - £1315.30

  10.10  Any other accounts received –

    10.10.1  Cheque for Information Commissioners Office – GDPR Registration - £40.00 as original cheque for £35.00 was returned.

Above payments 10.2 to 10.10.1 proposed by Mr Reeves & seconded by Miss Evans.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Vice Chairman & Mr Reeves.

  10.11  Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting held 21st May 2018 –  having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by the Vice Chairman & seconded by Mr Reeves - All in favour – minutes were signed The Vice Chairman.

  10.12  GDPR/Audit/Transparency Code – The Clerk confirmed that registration for GDPR is complete, a privacy notice has been created and awaits sign off.  The Clerk has submitted the external audit papers.  The Clerk has published all information required by the Transparency Code on the website.


  11.1  Email from Mr Cross re number of Parish Councillors – Mr Cross feels we have a disproportionate amount of Councillors when compared to neighbouring councils.  He feels we should reduce the number of Councillors as we often have vacancies.  He feels this prevents democracy as we never have a contested election, that the council becomes stale and does not give others the opportunity to join.  Mr Reeves said the number has been unchanged since inception of the Council in 1821.  The Clerk said often having vacancies actually increases the opportunity for others to join should they wish.  An election is quite costly to the Council and would still only happen if there were more people standing than seats.  Mr Fletcher said he sees no need to change numbers, the more seats there are then the more variety of input there is.  The Clerk will ask Cllr Rivett how numbers are decided and what is involved should we wish to change.

  11.2 Any Further correspondence received –

    11.2.1  Fire Service Sponsored Cycle Ride – The Clerk spoke re a sponsored cycle ride from Wales to Wrentham which the Wrentham Firefighters are undertaking to raise funds for MIND and The Firefighters Charity.  They are having a homecoming celebration at the Horse & Groom on Friday evening – everyone welcome.  She suggested the PC might like to consider a charitable donation.  Mrs Grantham proposed that £50 be donated, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.  The Clerk will raise a cheque next month.

    11.2.2  The Clerk advised that there is currently a Mineral & Waste Consultation ongoing.


  12.1  The Vice Chairman spoke re parking issues at the Village Hall – The Chairman found the car parking area near the bottle banks roped off and was left with no option but to reverse out onto the A12 – Mr Reeves is aware of this issue when certain events are held at the Village Hall & will raise with VHMC for Mr Perry to speak with the Caretaker.

  12.2  Miss Evans spoke re the Celebration in Creativity planned for 21/22 July at St Nicholas Church – all welcome.


Monday 16th July 2018 – 7.30pm  

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.12pm

DRAFT Minutes of the most recent Parish Meetings - not yet ratified