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Planning Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council Finance Committee held at the Village Hall

at 6.30pm on Monday 17th October 2016

Present: The Chairman – Mr Ian Watson

Councillors – Mr David Reeves, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Keith Perry

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard


Apologies for absence were received & accepted from Mr David Fletcher.


All as Sole Trustees of the Village Hall.  

Mr Perry& Mr Reeves as members of the Village Hall Management Committee.  


Mr Watson issued a SAGE report which shows all is in order year to date.

Mr Watson issued a Budget spreadsheet showing year to date figures and a draft budget for 2017/18.  This shows all anticipated income and expenditure, including requests for support from the VHMC.

The budget sheet was analysed and discussed with the following being noted

 Youth Club – approx. £2000 is needed per year to pay Youth Workers invoices.  The balance is currently £638.97 which has come from subs and donations. This is an area of concern and fundraising will be required.  The Clerk has been in touch with the Youth Workers and asked them to submit invoices quarterly as agreed.

 Clerks Appraisal conducted by Mr Watson, Mr Reeves & Mrs Hutson.  Role and salary reassessed using documents from NALC.  It is proposed that the Clerk’s salary move from SP18 to SP22 from 1.10.016.  This will be taken to the full PC Meeting for approval.

 The Clerk to cancel mobile phone contract (£7.50 per month) and is happy to use her own phone for PC work.



Mr Reeves said some projects have been completed and paid for by VHMC.  Mrs Maureen Reeves, VHMC Treasurer, is currently getting papers in order and will submit invoices for payment.  She will also pass copies of invoices to The Clerk to allow VAT to be reclaimed in due course.  

Mr Perry said there is a panto arranged for 3.1.16 – funds will go to the Village Hall.

Computer Club – this is going will with approx. 10 attending each week.  After discussion it was proposed by Mrs Hutson that PC will continue to pay for wifi at the hall until April 2017, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.

The Finance Committee agreed it was important for the PC to support the Village Hall and maintain a valuable asset for the village.  Support to continue as previously agreed & reflected on the budget sheet.


In order for the Parish Council to continue to be effective and able to support requests from the community, as well as maintaining the agreed level of reserves, a Precept of £14,650 was proposed by Mr Perry, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.  This will be reported to the full PC Meeting.


The Chairman spoke re Procedures and Policies which are in place to ensure we have adequate financial controls – SAGE – 2 signatories on cheques – Finance Meetings etc.  These were proposed as adequate by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mr Watson, all in favour.  This will be reported to the full PC Meeting.


  7.1  Mr Watson reminded all that the budget sheet is for internal use and not to be shared or placed on social media sites.

  7.2  The Clerk spoke re CIL & S106 monies – S106 balance is £5366.57.  We are due to receive our first CIL payment of £5590.28.  This will mean we have to produce an annual report showing how this is being used.  The Clerk will progress this.

  7.3  The next Finance Meeting will be in March 2017.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.24pm