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NEWS 2018 

The best news so far this year is the completion of our new kitchen with the help of the Lottery Fund and Tesco’s community fund. Last year we were able to establish our regular cinema activity by purchasing our own projectors and screens with the help of “Time for Tea”, Wrentham Parish Council, The Adnams Charity, The Sole Bay Lions and with a big contribution from the British Film Institute.


As we add to the hall and improve its facilities, we find that its use continues to increase. This year we will replace the stage curtain and replace the carpet in the entrance lobby, corridor and games room and we will upgrade our lighting in the main hall. We are looking for funding to allow us to improve the acoustics of the hall and also to develop surround sound. There are numerous other smaller projects which we hope will improve any visit that anyone cares to make to our hall.



The hall was built almost 30 years ago with a huge input from the local community. We have found that there is still much to be done and would like to ask if you could be tempted to go onto a list of willing volunteers who could be called upon from time to time to help with renovation, gardening, events, mail shots etc. This is not to ask you for any regular commitment, but just a willingness to help out when a need arises. If you feel you could be persuaded to help, could you let us know by forwarding your name, email address, postal address and any particular skills to Nigel Drane, 21 Southwold Rd., Wrentham, NR347JE.  or e-mail:

It would be tremendously useful if you had particular skills (or equipment) that could be of help to the hall ( eg. gardening, cooking, building, fund raising, entertaining, event organising).                                                                                                                

At the moment we are looking into the possibility of a film club, a couple of music events and a Harvest supper this year, so please watch the Wrentham Village web pages for news.  


A band of volunteers has re-decorated the corridors, games and reading room, also the bar, toilets and kitchen. The toilet sinks and surrounds have been renovated. Outside redecoration has started, but halted now, because of the bad weather. The fencing along both sides of the run has been upgraded, many dips in the car park have been levelled, and a recurrent problem with the toilets and drains has been diagnosed and cured. The grass and hedges have been maintained by George Buckenham, with some extra time from the volunteers.

The Floor of the main hall has been completely stripped back to bare wood and relined for badminton, before extensive re-varnishing.


1)Films in the Village Hall

The village hall now has 2 screens available to use. The one in the main hall is 160" and the one in the games room is 120". We have a projector that will be available for hire for the games room where you could hold an event for about 30 people. For the main hall you would have to source your own projector, but we hope that in the near future, we will be able to raise enough funds to buy our own which we could then hire out.

Wrentham Village Hall Cinema has started its first season of films. This will be a regular feature on the last Saturday of the month. Doors will open at 7pm for a film to start at 7.30pm.

There will be a chance to have a drink and a chat with others before the performance.

If you are able and willing, we would appreciate a donation towards our costs.

The films to be shown can be found at  An automatic email reply will be sent to you.

We look forward to seeing you there.

2) Wrentham Computer Club

Every Monday morning, at Wrentham Village Hall, a friendly group of people meet to share computer know-how. We welcome new members, from complete beginners to the IT-savvy. We also welcome offers of equipment.

Would you like to learn how to use a computer? Or extend what you already know? Or get help solving a problem with your computer? Then the Wrentham computer group is for you. Please contact Steve or Keith (details below) and let us know what you would like to do. You can drop in, come occasionally or every week, whichever suits you best. You don't need to own a computer as we have some for you to try out. There is no charge for the meetings although a small donation is welcome.

Are you reasonably IT-savvy and willing to give up a little bit of time to help other people? Then please get in touch. There are lots of new technologies around and lots of applications for people to learn, so whatever you know will be useful and we will be very happy to welcome you to the group.

We also welcome donations of working computers. It doesn't matter how old the computer is. If you would like help taking copies of personal files before we clean up or reformat the machine then we can do that for you. Your computer won't be used in the group until all your personal files have been removed.

If you are interested or can help in any way, please contact Steve or Keith:

Steve Clay                                                                Keith Perry
Phone: 01502 675158                                             Phone: 01502 675656
email:                             email:


Nostalgia and Memories

Brian and Joe invite you to come to the Village Hall and listen to music from the 40s and 50s. Enjoy the music, share memories and maybe enjoy a dance or two. Dates and times will be posted on the notice board and on this website so please take a look at these from time to time and come along to join in the fun.