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Wrentham Parish Council Minutes (current ratified minutes)           see previous minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 18th December 2017

Present:          The Chairman – Mr Ian Watson

Councillors – Mr Mark Buxton, Miss Alison Evans, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Keith   Perry, Mr David Reeves, Mrs Nuala Wilson,

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – not present

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

3 members of public at start of meeting


The Chairman welcomed all and invited members of public to speak.

Mrs Jackie Wynn spoke re Jubilee planters – she appreciates the hard work that goes into them but feels they could be improved.  She would like to take one on and try some different planting.  The Chairman said this will be discussed under item 4.3.

Mrs Wynn thanked the PC for installing the Christmas tree – this was echoed by all – The Chairman thanked Mr Reeves & Mr Middleditch for their efforts.  The Clerk will write to Mr & Mrs Carter thanking them for donating the tree.

Mr Joe Ventro, the Village Hall Caretaker, spoke about rubbish being dumped near the bottle banks.  The Clerk will contact WDC to see if any signage can be put in place.

Mr Richard Pearson spoke re images of Wrentham he has produced which show a lack of signage on Southwold Road.  He has also created a new video highlighting the speeding problem.  The Clerk will share both with all.  Mrs Grantham said problems continue in Chapel Road.  Mr Buxton said the VAS data is fairly consistent.  The Clerk has raised a query with Highways regarding the National Speed Limit sign in Chapel Road.

Open Forum closed.


Apologies were received and accepted from Mr Kevin Cross, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr Paul Tyack. A letter of resignation has been received from Mr Tyack – he has now moved from the village – The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks for all his hard work – this was echoed by all.  The Clerk will process the vacancy with WDC.  We now have 2 vacancies – please encourage anyone who may be interested in joining to contact The Clerk.



 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mrs Hutson item 4.4


The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 20th November 2017, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Wilson & seconded by Mrs Grantham - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.  


  4.1 Play Facilities – Mr Tyack will send any updates – a new lead is required for the play area.

  4.2  S106/CIL Monies – Bench in Oakhill Close – Mr Cross had a site meeting with WDC today – we will await their permission to proceed.

  4.3 Village Flowerbeds – Waveney Norse have responded to The Clerk’s email and made a good job of tidying the flower beds by the car park.  Mrs Hutson will chase the quote for the bed in front of the Chinese Takeaway.  Mr Reeves spoke about the Jubilee Planters – he is happy to continue to maintain these – they are full of bulbs which will be coming up soon.  He will ask for help if it’s needed in the future.

  4.4  26 High Street - Mrs Hutson confirmed that Soilfix have carried out an assessment of the soil contamination at the rear – to remove this will cost £116,000.  Therefore Benacre Estate are having a rethink about how to proceed.  She will provide an update as soon as options are known.  There has been a car parked outside the building for months, it now has flat tyres, Mrs Hutson will pass the registration number to The Clerk who will contact the Police to see if it is stolen/dumped and see if anything can be done to trace the owner.

  4.5 Review of Assets & Maintenance required – Mr Cross has kindly inspected all assets and produced a spreadsheet showing what work he feels is required.  This will be discussed further at next meeting.  Mr Buxton said that VAS batteries may need replacing as they seem to be running down quickly – he will make enquiries with Westcotec.

  4.6  2017/18 Budget – added in relation to an email from Mr Cross, will carry to next meeting.

  4.7  Any other Matters Arising –

    4.7.1  Mrs Hutson asked if there was an update regarding the social housing at Meadowlands.  Cllr Rivett reported that Asset Homes will be the social housing provider for 7 properties - they will be allocated for rental through the Gateway to Homechoice scheme – in accordance with the S106 agreement which says there must be a link to the District, WDC will have ultimate say in who they are let to.  The Chairman asked if Cllr Rivett could get a copy of the S106 agreement to make sure it mentions that the houses should go to those with a Wrentham (not District) connection, as this was always a stipulation with the land having originally been given by Benacre Estate for the benefit of Wrentham residents.  The Clerk will send copies of previous minutes/emails to Cllr Rivett so he can progress this.


VAS Monthly Data – Data has been shared by Mr Buxton – figures are down this month – which may be linked to the weather.  A12 North sign only has 3 weeks data due to battery failure – please advise Mr Buxton if you notice signs are not working.  The Chairman will attend Cllr Goldsons next area meeting and seek clarification re Spexhall trial and Mr Pearson’s data, along with chasing the ‘gateway’ signage.


  6.1  DC/17/4542/OUT – Greenfields Farmhouse, West End - Plans were shared and discussed – Recommendation that outline permission be granted was proposed by Mr Fletcher, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.  The Clerk will respond to WDC.

  6.2  DC/17/4944/FUL – 19 Priory Road - Plans were shared and discussed – Recommendation that permission be granted was proposed by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.  The Clerk will respond to WDC.

  6.3  DC/17/5038/FUL & DC/17/5039/LBC – The Firs, 36 Southwold Road  - Plans were shared and discussed – As there is no alteration to footprint or height, recommendation that permission be granted was proposed by Mr Fletcher, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.  The Clerk will respond to WDC.

  6.4  Any further Planning Applications Received –

DC/17/4767/TCA – Notification received of permission granted.


  7.1  Balance at Bank – £20,133.75

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Lions donation) - £1000.00.  

Current Account - £15,354.68

Business Saver  Account (CIL) - £3779.07

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.

   7.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55

   7.3  Clerks salary.  Clerks expenses of £17.39  

   7.4 HMRC payment – £44.82

   7.5  Any other Accounts received –

    7.5.1  Receipt from Mr Reeves for new set of lights for Village Christmas tree - £25.00

Above payments 7.2 to 7.5.1 proposed by The Chairman & seconded by Mrs Hutson.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Chairman & Mrs Hutson.

  7.6  Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting held 20th November 2017 - The minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 20th November 2017, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by The Chairman & seconded by Mrs Hutson - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman..   

  7.7  Annual CIL Report to WDC –

The Clerk will add source of monies to sheet and send to WDC.


  8.1  Email from WDC re Electoral Register – The Clerk will request an electronic copy of the register & updates.

  8.2  Notification of External Auditor for 2017/18 – The Clerk advised PFK Littlejohn have been appointed for Parish Councils in Suffolk.  

  8.3  Email from Mrs Wynn re Jubilee planters and drainage concerns– Jubilee Planters dealt with under open forum and item 4.3.  Drainage concerns have been passed to Cllr Goldson, asking him to pass to the Drainage Dept.

  8.4  Any other correspondence received –

Email from Mr Buxton re Emergency Plan kit - Mr Buxton spoke re Emergency Plan equipment that he holds – radios etc – The Clerk has emailed VHMC to see if these can be stored securely at the Village Hall – Mr Reeves will progress..


  9.1  Mr Perry advised that the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing are not working properly, it appears that Highways are aware as they have been working on the problem.

  9.2  Mr Perry reminded all of the Village Panto on 2nd January – please support and spread the word about this.  It was a huge success last year but more tickets need to be sold to break even – any profits will go to the Village Hall.

  9.3  Mr Perry advised that White Christmas is being shown at the Cinema Club on 30th December – everyone welcome.

  9.4  Mrs Wilson confirmed work will start on the Village Hall kitchen on 3rd January.

  9.5  Miss Evans advised all of the beacon star on top of Nicholas Church.

  9.6  Cllr Rivett spoke re new data protection laws – The Clerk is aware of this and awaits further details from SALC.


Monday 15th January 2018 – 7.30pm.

There being no further business the Chairman wished everyone a very Happy Christmas and the meeting closed at 8.55pm – this was followed by festive refreshments which were enjoyed by all