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Wrentham Parish Council Minutes (current ratified minutes)           see previous minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 21st May 2018

Present:            The Chairman – Mr Ian Watson

Councillors – Mr Mark Buxton, Mr Kevin Cross, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Roger      Middleditch, Mr Keith Perry, Mr David Reeves

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – Cllr Tony Goldson

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

4 members of public


  The Clerk welcomed all and asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.  Mr Watson was proposed by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mr Buxton, all in favour.  Mr Watson confirmed he was happy to remain in this position.  



 The Chairman welcomed members of public and invited them to speak.  He advised them that if they choose to give their name this will be recorded in the minutes.

Mrs Wynn spoke re Jubilee Planter near the High St bus stop – this has now been replanted – she will supply The Clerk with receipts.  The bus shelter is in a poor state with leaves, litter and cobwebs.  The Clerk will contact the cleaner.  Mrs Wynn went on to say the garden behind the bus shelter is very overgrown and encroaching on the bus shelter and planter.  This house has been empty for some 25 years – The Clerk will try and make contact with the owner.

Mrs Wynn spoke re the street sign at Bonsey Gardens – this gave way when her husband leant on it. Cllr Rivett laid the sign on the ground to prevent further injury but it has been propped back up again.  The Clerk has reported the issue and pointed out the health and safety issues.  

Mrs Wynn spoke re a hollow in the grass at the end of Bonsey Gardens – residents would like to plant this – as this owned by WDC The Clerk will seek permission.

Mrs Wynn spoke re the barriers around the damaged pavement in Chapel Road, she believes the damage was caused by the dustbin lorry which parks there when visiting the café.  The matter has been reported to Waveney Norse and a response is awaited.  The Chairman suggested Mrs Wynn tries to take photographs if the dustbin lorry continues to park there.

Mrs Wynn spoke re grass cutting and the mess that is left behind.

Anne *** has recently moved to The Larches, she spoke about the 4 large trees which she feels are in need of cutting back.  The Clerk will make contact with SCC/WDC who pruned the trees previously.  


 Apologies were received and accepted from Miss Alison Evans & Mrs Nuala Wilson.  


 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mrs Hutson item 12.3  


 Mrs Hutson was proposed by Mr Reeves, seconded by Mr Watson, all in favour.  Mrs Hutson confirmed she was happy to take this position.   


 The Clerk was nominated by Mr Watson, seconded by Mr Perry, all in favour.  


 Mr Cross suggested that there should be no separate Finance Committee as we have a relatively small precept.  He feels it reduces the ability of all Councillors to have an input.  After discussion, Mr Perry proposed that the Finance Committee continues with any additional Councillors who wish to join, this was seconded by Mrs Hutson.  8 in favour.  The Chairman proposed that the existing members of the Finance Committee remain with the addition of Mr Cross, seconded by Mr Buxton, all in favour.  Mr Reeves, Mr Watson, Mrs Hutson, Mr Perry and Mr Fletcher, all confirmed they were happy to remain on the committee,   


 Mr Perry & Mr Reeves were nominated by The Chairman, seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour.  Mr Perry & Mr Reeves confirmed they are happy to continue in this position.  


 Mr Watson, Mr Reeves & Mrs Hutson proposed by Mr Fletcher, seconded by Mrs Grantham, all in favour.  


 The Clerk apologised for having forgotten the forms – she will ensure these are signed & countersigned.



 The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th April 2018, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Hutson & seconded by Mr Fletcher - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.   


 The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 16th April 2018, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Hutson & seconded by Mr Buxton - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.   


   12.1  S106/CIL Monies – A further amount of £11349.96 has been received in connection with The Meadowlands development.  The Clerk will transfer this to the separate bank account.

WDC are also inviting applications for projects from their CIL monies – Mr Cross suggested the Village Hall heating upgrade be considered.  The VHMC are due to meet on 24th May – The Clerk will request an extension to apply for the funds – The Chairman will forward details to Dr Drane so that they can consider and apply.

Bench in Oakhill Close – Mr Cross will circulate the draft agreement to all & The Clerk will add to June agenda.

  12.2 Village Flowerbeds & Jubilee Planters – Jubilee Planters – All planters now have volunteers to care for them.  The flowerbed outside the Chinese Takeaway has been tidied.  The Clerk will chase Waveney Norse re work on the flowerbeds around the village centre car park.

  12.3  26 High Street – The property was sold at auction on 3rd May 2018 – completion is expected by 1st June 2018.

  12.4  Parish Council Website/Suffolk Cloud –  Mr Cross would like to progress this as soon as possible to give increased resilience and allow items specific to the PC to be published.  Mr Cross will send a link to The Clerk and Mr Buxton of other parishes websites, these will then be viewed at the next meeting.  The Clerk will add to next agenda.

  12.5  Flooding Issues – Cllr Goldson continues to chase remedial work & awaits start date.

Cllr Goldson spoke re the ANPR trial at Spexhall, unfortunately the camera was stolen but has now been replaced.  Early results indicate a 30% reduction in speeding.  Options are being considered to extend the scheme or install average speed cameras.

The Chairman spoke re attending the launch of the new Fire Engine – this is a very impressive piece of equipment.

Cllr Goldson left the meeting.

  12.6  Village Sign –  The sign is in very poor condition and needs replacing.  CIL/S106 monies could be used.  Mr Cross & Mrs Grantham will bring ideas to the June meeting – The Clerk to add to Agenda.

  12.7  Safeguarding Policy – The Clerk will clarify what is held by the VHMC and if this is adequate for the PC.

  12.8  GDPR – Good news that Parish Councils no longer need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR.  The Chairman, Vice Chairman & Clerk attended a briefing by WDC.  The Clerk has registered the PC with the Information Commissioners Office & will create and publish a Privacy Notice and Data Register.  The Clerk will also look to reduce paperwork held and purchase a two drawer lockable cabinet.

  12.9  Any other Matters Arising –

    12.9.1  The Chairman spoke re litter at the Factory Shop, he & Mrs Hutson visited and the area has been tidied up.  The situation will continue to be monitored.

    12.9.2  The Chairman spoke re the Village Litter Pick – good turn out – noticeably less litter than before though 8 sacks were filled.  Will look to repeat in the Autumn.


   13.1  VAS Monthly Data – Data has not yet been gathered this month – 1 VAS is with Westcotec for repair.

  13.2  Email from Mr Martin Nichols – discussed – The Clerk will seek an update from Cllr Goldson.

 14  PLANNING    

   14.1  DC/18/1784/FUL – 3 The Lane – Extensions to bungalow – plans were circulated and discussed.  Recommendation that permission be granted proposed by The Chairman, seconded by Mr Fletcher, all in favour. The Clerk will advise WDC.

  14.2  Any further Planning Applications Received –

    14.2.1  DC/18/1878/FUL – 1 West End Farm Cottages, Demolish conservatory building, new kitchen extension and open porch, install solar panels and internal alterations – plans were circulated and discussed.  Recommendation that permission be granted proposed by The Chairman, seconded by Mr Perry, all in favour. The Clerk will advise WDC.

    14.2.2  DC/18/2053/FUL – 27 Chatten Close – Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey garden room - Papers not yet received but have been viewed online by Mr Cross – the footprint is not being changed - after discussion recommendation that permission be granted proposed by Mr Perry, seconded by Mr Buxton, 8 in favour. The Clerk will advise WDC.  



   15.1  Balances at Bank – £37,813.67

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Lions donation) - £1000.18

Current Account - £33,931.22

Business Saver Account (CIL) - £3781.77

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.  The Clerk confirmed a precept payment has been received from WDC.  The Clerk advised that a VAT refund of £4075.36 which she applied for has been received - £1851.68 will go to the VHMC.  

    15.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55  

    15.3  Clerks salary inc £51.20 from April.  Clerks expenses of £25.49  

   15.4  HMRC payment – Nil as overpaid last month.  

   15.5  Invoice from Mr Wills for Internal Audit - £80  

   15.6  Any other accounts received –

    15.6.1  Invoice from Mr Buckingham for 11 hours gardening - £99.00

    15.6.2  Cheque for Village Hall VAT refund - £1851.68

    15.6.3  Cheque for Information Commissioners Office – GDPR Registration - £35.00  

 Above payments 15.2 to 15.6.3 proposed by The Chairman & seconded by Mr Fletcher.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Chairman & Mrs Hutson.     15.7  Report from Finance Committee Meeting to include completion of External Audit papers and Year End Accounts –  Year End Accounts were discussed thoroughly at the May Meeting and have been reviewed again by The Finance Committee – acceptance proposed by Mr Perry, seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour – signed by The Chairman & The Clerk.

    15.7.1  Certificate of Exemption – completed after discussion and acceptance proposed by The Chairman, seconded by Mrs Hutson, all in favour – signed by The Chairman and The Clerk.

    15.7.2  Annual Governance Statement – completed after discussion and acceptance proposed by Mrs Grantham, seconded by Mr Perry, all in favour – signed by The Chairman and The Clerk.

    15.7.3  Accounting Statement – completed after discussion and acceptance proposed by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour – signed by The Chairman and The Clerk.  


   16.1  Email from Mr Sanyari – expressing interest in becoming a Parish Councillor – Mr Sanyari was welcomed to the meeting – The Clerk gave him a copy of the Co-Option Policy – he will complete a written application and submit.

  16.2  Any Further correspondence received –

    16.2.1  Freedom of Information Request from Ms Marie Clements – a request for information was received from Ms Clements for data from 1985-1987 – The Clerk has compiled this and responded to Ms Clements.  Many thanks to Mr Buxton for assisting with scanning the minute books.  

    16.2.2  Email from Mr Cross re Suffolk Preservation Society – a member of the society would like to come along and speak to the PC about their work – The Chairman said they would be very welcome – Mr Cross to progress.  


   17.1  Cllr Rivett will give update re SCDC & WDC Merger at July meeting – details are on WDC website.

  17.2  Cllr Rivett spoke re Meadowlands Event – this has been arranged for 22nd June – 2.30-6.30pm – assistance will be available for those wishing to register an interest in affordable housing.  Cllr Rivett will send a poster to The Clerk for display in the noticeboard & on the website.

  17.3 he Clerk advised she will be on holiday from 24th May to 4th June and 24th June to 3rd July.  



Monday 18th June 2018 – 7.30pm