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Wrentham Parish Council Minutes (current ratified minutes)           see previous minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 15th January 2018

Present:          The Chairman – Mr Ian Watson

Councillors – Mr Kevin Cross, Mr David Fletcher, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr Keith Perry, Mr David Reeves, Mrs Nuala Wilson,

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – not present

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

No members of public present


 There were no members of public present and therefore no open forum.


Apologies were received and accepted from Mr Mark Buxton & Miss Alison Evans, We have 2 vacancies – please encourage anyone who may be interested in joining to contact The Clerk.


 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mrs Hutson item 4.4


The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 18th December 2017, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mrs Hutson & seconded by Mr Reeves - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.  


  4.1  Defibrillator Checks – Mrs Wilson agreed to undertake these now Mr Tyack has left the PC.  The Clerk will send her login details so these can be recorded online.

  4.2  S106/CIL Monies – Bench in Oakhill Close – Mr Cross had a site meeting with WDC –  Mr Cross will continue to chase them for permission to proceed.

  4.3  Village Flowerbeds – Mrs Hutson & Mr Reeves will chase the quote for the bed in front of the Chinese Takeaway.  

  4.4  26 High Street – PCSO has been in touch with Mrs Hutson and spoken with the owner of the abandoned vehicle – he has said this will be removed within 28 days.  Benacre Estate are looking to sell the site by auction – details are being finalised but it is hoped this will take place in May.

  4.5  Review of Assets & Maintenance required – Mr Cross has kindly inspected all assets and produced a spreadsheet showing what work he feels is required, this was shared with all.  Each item was discussed.  

New laptop for Clerk & data backup to be ordered as previously agreed.  

Website discussed – The Chairman proposed that we continue to make best use of the Village Website, which is kindly maintained by Mrs Walker, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.  The Clerk will ask Mrs Walker to add minutes from the last year to the PC page.  All will view the website and bring suggestions to the next meeting.  

The village pound is listed & Mr Reeves keeps the area tidy and paints the gate.

A grit bin has been requested for the end of Oak Hill Close.

The ‘Jim Woodgate’ planter near the London Road bus stop needs a brick replacing.

The ‘Elizabeth Collins’ metal seat at Lodge Corner needs repainting – Mr Reeves advised a local resident does this and it will be done in better weather.

The bench near the village sign needs repair.

Bus shelters need some maintenance.

The noticeboard was taken down by the Clerk & Mr Cross due to it swaying in recent high winds..  It was noted that the posts had rotted.  Quotes have been obtained from Mr Newstead (£280) & Mr Pointer (£160).  Mr Pointer’s quote was to reduce the height of the legs and set in metposts before setting in post mix.  Mrs Hutson proposed that the work be done by Mr Pointer, seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour, The Clerk will progress.

As there are several small maintenance jobs required to PC property, benches, planters etc – The Clerk will put a notice on the website, Facebook    page & noticeboard to see if there are any local handymen who would like to undertake the work.

  4.6  2017/18 Budget – points raised in Mr Cross’ email were covered under 4.5

  4.7  Any other Matters Arising –

    4.7.1The Clerk has received a response from Highways regarding the speed limit in Chapel Road, they have confirmed the speed limit is the National speed limit for the rural section and 30mph for the built up section.  Although there is street lighting along the rural section which would normally indicate a 30mph speed limit the actual restriction is the National speed limit.

    4.7.2 Mrs Hutson asked if there was any update from Cllr Rivett re Meadowlands – Cllr Rivett said he has a number of emails and questions – he will meet with The Chairman, The Clerk and Mrs Hutson to discuss ahead of the next PC Meeting. The Clerk to add to February agenda.


   5.1  VAS Monthly Data – Data has been shared by Mr Buxton.  

   5.2  Additional VAS Poles - Carried to February meeting.

   5.3  Email from Mr Pearson re speeding commercial vehicles – carried to February meeting.


   6.1  Any further Planning Applications Received –

DC/17/4944/FUL – Notification received of permission granted.


   7.1  Balances at Bank – £19,806.37

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Lions donation) - £1000.18

Current Account - £15,026.32

Business Saver  Account (CIL) - £3779.87

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.

    7.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55

    7.3  Clerks salary.  Clerks expenses of £53.42 – this includes the water bill for the allotments.

    7.4  HMRC payment – £55.40

     Membership of Society of Local Council Clerks - £84

    7.6  Any other Accounts received – None

Above payments 7.2 to 7.5 proposed by The Chairman & seconded by Mrs Wilson.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Chairman & Mrs Hutson.


  8.1  Email from Mrs Wilson – WW1 Centenary – Mrs Hutson will research and report to next meeting.

  8.2 Email from Mr Cross re War Memorial – Mr Reeves clarified that the churchyard is maintained by WDC.  It was brought to the PC attention that names were missing from the memorial, after contacting the British Legion and being told it was our responsibility, the PC agreed to fund having these names added, Lady Gooch kindly offered to pay half.

  8.3  Email from SALC re GDPR – The Clerk will respond expressing an initial interest in using the services of DPO to comply with this.  Further information awaited.

  8.4 Email from Ms Clements – FOI Request – The Clerk has received an email asking that details of Councillors & Parish Clerks from 1980 to 2017 be provided.  This includes, names, addresses, start and finish dates, whether elected or co-opted & positions held.  Under the terms of the FOIA we have 20 days to respond.  Having taken advice from SALC, The Clerk has contacted The Information Commissioners Office for advice & awaits response.  She has also contacted WDC to see if records are held centrally, which they are not.  The Chairman proposed, subject to receiving conflicting advice from the ICO, that the request be declined under Section 12 of the FOI Act, all records are held in handwritten minute books and it would take far in excess of the 18 hours allowed in the FOI Act to read 37 years worth of minutes and extract the required information, seconded by Mr Fletcher, all in favour.  The Clerk to progress.

  8.5  Email from Mr Cross re Transparency Code Funding – covered under item 4.5

  8.6  Any other correspondence received –

    8.6.1  Email from Mr Robinson re flooding on A12/The Lane – The Drainage Team visited today, Mr Tomlinson met with them as Mr Robinson is away. Mr Reeves advised that they discovered that a drain was actually broken and not allowing water to flow away – hopefully this will be quickly rectified and improve the situation.


  9.1  Miss Alison Evans was awarded the BEM in the New Years Honours – well deserved and huge congratulations from all.  The Chairman expressed a vote of thanks to Alison for all her hard work in the local community.


Monday 19th February 2018 – 7.30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.