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Wrentham Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Wrentham Parish Council

held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 15th May 2017

Present:     The Chairman – Mr Ian Watson

Councillors – Mr Mark Buxton, Mr David Fletcher, Mr Dale Goldsmith, Mrs Caroline Grantham, Mrs Lucinda Hutson, Mr Roger Middleditch, Mr Keith Perry, Mr David Reeves, Mr Paul Tyack, Mrs Nuala Wilson.

The Clerk – Mrs Frances Bullard

Suffolk County Council – not present

Waveney District Council – Cllr Craig Rivett

4 members of public at start of meeting


  The Clerk welcomed all and asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.  Mr Watson was proposed by Mr Buxton, seconded by Mr Perry, all in favour.  Mr Watson confirmed he was happy to take this position and Acceptance of Office was signed, this was countersigned by The Clerk.



 The Chairman invited members of public to speak.

Mrs Wynn said she feels Wrentham would qualify as the worst kept village and outlined her reasons.  The Chairman asked that Mrs Wynn speak about items on the agenda.  Mrs Clifford asked how things can be added to the agenda, The Chairman said items need to be raised with the Clerk for consideration.  The Chairman reminded all of the escalation procedure.

Open Forum closed.


Apologies were received and accepted from Miss Alison Evans.


 All as Sole Trustee of Village Hall.

Mr Buxton as member of Youth Club Committee.


Mrs Hutson was proposed by Mr Buxton, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour.  Mrs Hutson confirmed she was happy to take this position.


The Clerk was nominated by Mr Watson, seconded by Mrs Hutson, all in favour.


Mr Reeves, Mr Watson, Mrs Hutson, Mr Perry and Mr Fletcher, all confirmed they were happy to remain on the committee, Mr Middleditch nominated en bloc, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.


Mr Perry was nominated by Mr Reeves, seconded by Mr Watson, all in favour.  Mr Reeves confirmed he was happy to continue in this position.


Mr Watson, Mr Reeves & Mrs Hutson proposed by Mr Perry, seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour.


Mrs Hutson signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, this was countersigned by The Clerk.


The minutes of the PC Meeting held on 24th April 2017, having previously been circulated, were proposed as a true record by Mr Buxton & seconded by Mr Reeves - All in favour – a copy was signed by The Chairman.  


  11.1  Community Defibrillator Update – The Clerk has been chasing the Community Heartbeat Trust for delivery – she has now been advised this has been delayed and will be the end of May.  The Clerk has made enquiries and can buy the defibrillator & cabinet elsewhere for less money – however this will not include the same follow up as CHT.  After discussion The Chairman proposed The Clerk should request a refund from CHT and purchase the defibrillator elsewhere, seconded by Mrs Wilson, all in favour.  The Clerk will progress.

  11.2  Play Facilities – Mr Tyack gave a presentation.

The survey was open from 20.2.17-24.4.17.  There were a total of 64 responses.  20 residents have said they are happy to assist a play project in future.  The Clerk said WDC own the play park but this gives us evidence to approach them re changes.  The Chairman said some issues raised will be relatively easy to remedy, signage, maintenance.  He feels access needs reviewing.  Mr Tyack will approach Waveney Norse to see what is possible & report to next meeting.

  11.3  Flooding on A12 -  

Mr Reeves reported the drains on the A12 were cleared one evening last week.

  11.4  Youth Club – The Clerk has had an update from Mr Eric Sewell that a committee has now been formed and they are in the process of opening a bank account.  Mrs Wilson spoke re some damage at the Village Hall and asked that youngsters are more closely supervised.  Mr Perry said there are also problems with youngsters playing football in the car park and damage has been caused to the Village Hall sign.  The Chairman said we need to officially agree a handover date with Eric.  The Clerk to progress.

  11.5  S106/CIL Monies – Meeting adjourned to allow Mrs Wynn to speak re bench in Oakhill Close.  The Chairman said he is keen to support this project, we have had excessive quotes from Waveney Norse, having made enquiries we can have a concrete base installed for approx. £300 and should be able to purchase a suitable bench for approx. £300.  Mrs Wynn will speak with residents and confirm location and type of bench required.  Mrs Wynn spoke of her disappointment that Waveney Norse had mown the daffodils she planted.  Meeting reconvened.

  11.6  Any other Matters Arising –



There remains one Casual vacancy – The Clerk has received an email from Mr Kevin Cross asking that he be co-opted back onto the Council.  She will circulate to Councillors and add to the June Agenda in line with the co-option policy.


  13.1  VAS Monthly Data – Mr Buxton has circulated data.  He has been advised our data cannot be used by the Safety Team.  Mr Perry asked if high speeds can be shared with the Police & Crime Commissioner – Mr Buxton will produce a report for The Clerk to share.

  13.2  ‘Gated’ or improved signage on A12 – The Clerk to email Cllr Goldson and Mark Kerridge to ask how this can be progressed.

  13.3  Freedom of Information Request re Safety Van Data – The Clerk confirmed she has submitted this and awaits a response.


  14.1  DC/17/1214/VOC  – Notification received that permission has been granted.

  14.2  DC/17/1151/AME  – Notification received that permission has been refused.

  14.3  DC/17/0858/FUL  – Notification received that permission has been granted.

  14.4  Any further Planning Applications Received –None.  


  15.1 Balance at Bank – £20,949.15

Business Saver Account (WRAC) (Youth Club funds & Lions donation) - £1214.80

Current Account - £14,143.53

Business Saver  Account (CIL) - £5590.82

The Clerk confirmed SAGE balances with Bank Statements.

   15.2  Account received from Bus Shelter Cleaner - £55

   15.3  Clerks salary.  Clerks expenses of £22.79

   15.4  HMRC payment – Nil as we are in credit at present.

   15.5  Any other accounts received –

   15.5.1Invoice from Mr Reeves – Compost for Jubilee Planters - £16.43

Above payments 15.2 to 15.5.1 proposed by The Chairman & seconded by Mrs Hutson.  All in favour.  Cheques signed by The Chairman & Mr Reeves.

  15.6  External Audit – The Chairman confirmed this was discussed at the Finance Committee Meeting and all is in order.  He read each section of the Annual Governance Statement, Councillors were satisfied that all statements could be answered positively and that adequate controls are in place.  Acceptance proposed by Mrs Hutson, seconded by Mr Reeves, all in favour, signed by The Chairman and The Clerk.  The Chairman confirmed the details in the Accounting Statement are correct and in line with the internal audit and bank reconciliation, acceptance proposed by Mr Fletcher, seconded by Mrs Grantham all in favour, signed by The Chairman and The Clerk. The Clerk will ensure all papers are submitted to the External Auditor and published as required.

The Chairman proposed that The Clerk be authorised to spend up to £2000 on a defibrillator & cabinet (once refund received from CHT), seconded by Mr Middleditch, all in favour.


  16.1  Email received from Mr Cross re Waveney Local Plan -  this has been circulated to all.  Cllr Rivett will speak re the Waveney Local Plan at the June PC meeting.

  16.2 Any other correspondence received –

    16.2.1 Email received from Mrs Wynn regarding the fencing outside 26 High Street – The Chairman said the fence was erected following complaints from Mrs Wynn about the exposed boreholes filled with sand.  Mrs Hutson confirmed the fence will remain in place until the end of June as tests are still being carried out fortnightly via the boreholes.

     16.2.2  Notification received that Chapel Road will be closed for drainage works between the A12 and Oakhill Close from 22.5.17 to 16.6.17.  Mrs Hutson reported that the Fire Station will temporarily relocate to Pyes Hall during these works.


  17.1  Mrs Wilson asked that The Clerk requests the plants on the island in front of The Chinese takeaway be cut.  The Clerk will contact Mark Kerridge.

  17.2  Councillors spoke re parking in Chapel Road and The Chestnuts.  It is increasingly difficult to pass.  Meeting suspended to allow member of public to speak – Mrs Clifford said that many of the cars belong to staff in the café – meeting reconvened.  The Chairman said that parking is an ongoing problem in the village.  The Clerk has previously raised this with the Police but at the time they visited there were no issues or offences being committed.

Mr Middleditch  left the meeting.

  17.3  Mrs Hutson spoke about the Workplace Pension – she asked if the formal statement has been made to the Regulator – The Chairman confirmed he will complete.

   17.4  Cllr Rivett advised that Cllr Colin Law passed away at the weekend – a book of condolence has been opened.


Monday 19th June 2017 – 7.30pm  

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm